Tuesday, May 31, 2011

FREE Rimmel Nail Polish

You can get a FREE bottle of Rimmel Nail Polish at Walgreens this week!*

Apparently there is an unadvertised sale** on Rimmel Nail Polish - 2/$4 and with this coupon, you get it free! (Let me know if the coupon link doesn't work.) You need to click through on Facebook, allow them, and crown a friend (I gave A the Rock Royalty crown? It was the least girly and he's used to me using him on Facebook for things like this by now :), then you can click through to the coupon - but you only have to "crown" 1 friend. I was wondering if they'd give it to me after only crowning 1 friend, but they did. :)

*Please note that anytime Walgreens has things for free, they usually go pretty quickly. This blog just posted this today, so it's probably still okay, especially since it's unadvertised.

**Because this sale is unadvertised, it may be different in different areas. I'm going to check my Walgreens today and will update later, but just be sure to check the tag before you buy, or at least the price when it rings up.

I've gotten a couple of free bottles of nail polish at Target the past couple of weeks - with 3 girls, we can always use some! :) I now feel freer to throw away some old bottles too. :)

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