Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Organize-athon Days 3 & 4

Days 3 and 4 (tomorrow) say to go through your kitchen utensil drawer and your bathroom cabinets. I'm a couple days behind because I didn't start THE day that I downloaded it, but waited til the following Monday so I have a couple of emails stored up in my inbox that I can look ahead to. I'm thinking about combining these days - maybe not since it's already after 5:30 - just because it was my utensil drawer was so quick to go through. I did empty some things out which was nice! It's so neat now! :)

The thing I like about this so far is that it's #1, quick and #2, forcing me to think about areas of our home that I normally don't - like our kitchen utensil drawer. Not that I never think about it ... but usually only when I'm in the midst of making dinner and don't have time to clean it out, just enough to get frustrated that it's so disorganized and hard to open/close.

The thing I'm wondering about is if this will tackle putting systems in place to PREVENT clutter - like school papers, mail & crafts made by M&L. Those are my 3 big nemeses in keeping a clean house. So far, it seems like this is for people who don't have kids. Time will tell though. :)

And my garage sale pile continues to grow ... :)

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