Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pigs to the Rescue!

"Pigs to the rescuuuuuueee!!!" This book is definitely L's new fav. She loves to try to read, but for now just repeats the same phrase over and over again with each turn of the page. At least with this book, she's right half the time. :) "Pigs to the rescuuuueee!!" can be heard again and again in our household. Other than bringing out the cuteness in my own daughter, this book is very cute itself! We checked it out from the library, but I'm now considering buying it, which actually says a lot because I rarely buy books. (We already have a TON from when I was teaching, etc. and we get a lot as gifts.) Pigs to the Rescue is about a group of pigs that run around "fixing" the Greenstalk family's problems ... or at least trying to. At least they have a good heart - similar to L when she tries to "help" me. Maybe that's why she loves this book so much? :) We also recently checked out Chickens to the Rescue, also by John Himmelman, written before Pigs. It was okay, but this is one instance I would have to say the sequel is definitely better than the first. In Chickens, the chickens actually help the Greenstalks with their various problems and do a good job, so it's not as humorous or fun to read. It does end with a picture of the pigs running to help on the last page, so I wonder if this means Himmelman is going to come out with Cows to the Rescue next. I guess time will tell! I'll definitely be keeping my eyes open.

Overall rating: LOVE IT!

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