Monday, May 16, 2011

Mommy Monday: Shopping for Clothes at Bargain Prices

My top 2 places to shop for kids' clothes are:

1. Target clearance racks
2. Kohl's when I have the 30% off coupon

I do most of my kids' clothing shopping at these two places and through this am almost always able to stay at or below my $5/item budget mark. Right now, Target has great clearance as a lot of their spring (and summer) clothes are now 30-75% off. I went today and got M 2 pairs of jean shorts and a t-shirt dress for $4.98 each. I also found a tank for C for $1.12.

While I don't usually like Kohl's for my own wardrobe, I still shop their pretty often for kids' clothes, greeting cards, home stuff (picture frames, holiday deco, sheets, towels, etc.) and mens' khakis for A's job. Because of this, I have a Kohl's charge card which sends me 15, 20 or 30% off coupons about every month or every other month. When I get the 30% off coupon, I stock up on greeting cards and kids' clothes (often in bigger sizes that they'll grow into, letting me get more off the out-of-season clearance racks).

We are also VERY blessed to have a large (and generous) family and group of friends who, through birthdays and Christmas gifts, have provided a good supply of clothing through the years as well. We are so thankful for the many different ways (and people) through which God has provided for us over the years.

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