Monday, May 16, 2011

Organize-athon Days 6 & 7

Before I get into today, going through my bathroom cabinets on Day 4 was great!! That is definitely one area that gets overlooked in my cleaning rituals and boy did it need it. I had 4-5 (jewel-size) bags full of garbage! A lot of expired medicines, lotions and hair products that I no longer use. While I've been "getting rid" of a lot of things - it's mostly been for resale and not as much junk. I don't usually like throwing things away, but this felt good!

Day 5 was going through the "household information center" or wherever you keep papers, mail, etc. For us, this means one basket and the random piles on the kitchen counter, living room table, dining room table ... argh. This is why I was hoping for systems I could put in place. But maybe I'll come up with something on my own. It was nice to clear off our bulletin board and start fresh. I need to do that more often.

I took a little hiatus from re-organizing over the weekend. We had a couple of parties, church and the BULLS game so it was just too busy. So today, I'm doing 2 days in 1 - Days 6 & 7, which are glassware/cookery and books/cds/dvds. Normally, going through ALL of our books would be much too big of a task to take on along with something else in one day. But since I already did this somewhat recently (after our basement flooded), it was pretty easy and I (sadly) didn't have that much stuff. Though I did get rid of some dishes and things we registered for when we got married and in 7 years, have yet to use.

One big debate I'm having is with our set of coffee mugs .... to keep or not to keep? We have other mugs (mismatched) that we use on a regular basis. I honestly think we've used the mugs we registered for maybe 10 times in 7 years? Maybe? In other mugs, we have 9 total. The set of mugs is 8, 10 or 12, I can't remember. They're nice (white, plain Crate & Barrel), but they take up a pretty good amount of room in our cabinet ... and aren't used. So ... what do you think? Keep or sell?

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