Friday, January 14, 2011

Grocery Store Voting

A few days ago I read this post by Alisa from Alisa Cooks. While I don't think I'll ever have the guts to ask for a better price on meat (unless maybe if we're really scrimping by), it was pretty helpful even in just changing my perspective on my own grocery shopping as a way of voting for deals/products that I like and want more of - something I hadn't really considered.

She goes out of her way to buy out a store's stock of organic foods if/when they're selling them at a good price to show that it WILL sell at the lower price. THIS is definitely something I can do as I love stocking up on things at low(er) prices anyway. I want to encourage you all to do the same and maybe - just maybe - organic foods will one day be more affordable for the average black-thumbed joe (like me) and people won't feel like they need to get a 2nd job just so they can eat chemical-free food!


  1. What is the price difference between conventional and organic? I haven't even looked recently.

    Also, for whatever reason your blog is not showing up in my "feed" -- it is routing to A Book a Night which does not exist anymore...

  2. it varies greatly, depending on the product and then on sales, coupons, etc. sometimes organic is on sale for cheaper than conventional. sometimes just the generic organic is cheaper than conventional ... it really just depends, mostly on the product. conventional produce can be REALLY cheap on sale though, which organic rarely (if ever) is. and there are more conventional coupons than organic ... i have gotten some organic stuff (canned tomatoes, coconut milk) for free/almost free from whole foods, using a regular coupon and a whole foods coupon on the same product. but the last time i tried it, the cashier wouldn't let me and talked to me like i was stupid "you already USED a coupon for this. you can't use TWO coupons for ONE thing." i've never met such a grumpy whole foods employee, but oh well.

  3. in general though, off the top of my head ... conventional gala apples can be on sale for let's say 69 cents/lb and organic might be on sale for 1.69/lb or at the LOWEST i've seen, 99 cents/lb. 99 cents is rare though and 69 and 1.69 are more typical.


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