Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sing us a song ...

C was crying on the drive home from CBS for a while, so I turned the radio on to the classical station hoping it might calm her down enough for her to fall asleep, since that was why she was crying in the first place. Well, it worked ... but it also made me a little sad. The first (and only) song to play was a song I used to play on the piano in high school! To me, it seems like the classical station rarely plays piano solos (of course, I don't listen to it all that often either) so to hear that AND a piece I was familiar with was nice ... but made me really miss the days when my fingers had the muscle memory to play pieces like that (it was Beethoven's Pathetique, if you're familiar). So then as I was thinking about trying to get back to that, I realized it would take about the same amount of dedication as training for a marathon, at least in terms of time. Possibly even longer. Argh. Hopefully one day ... It is nice to teach Maddy a little and it's nice to still be able to play the songs I did in junior high ... haha. So one of my "new" year resolutions is now to one year make the resolution to play piano well again. Hopefully writing it here will somehow hold me a little more accountable or at least make it stick in my mind more. Okay C's waking up from her nap now ... and I need to get M from school soon. Ta-ta!


  1. Great photo! I don't think I remember names of any songs I played beyond Suzuki methods. It's amazing how much we forget...

  2. do either of you have the sheet music to "unicorn?" i can't find it anywhere and i've been wanting to play it! lol. i was awesome.

  3. i only remember the name bc they said it at the end. i didn't even remember it was beethoven. ;)

    haha darn, i must have lost that sheet music. you'll have to play it for andrew and he can write it out for us.


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