Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MY Oscar picks

It's almost time for the Oscars, which are coming up this Sunday! Since I've been trying to watch more of the nominated movies, I can definitely tell that I'm looking more forward to the show this year. Is this good or bad? Not sure ... :)

Here are my thoughts on the nominated movies I've seen:

The Fighter
(see previous blog post) ... don't think it's best picture-worthy, but definitely nominee-worthy and Christian Bale should win for Best Supporting Actor. He did an amazing job. 5 stars.

The Kids Are All Right
... very good movie minus some way-too-graphic sex scenes (and yes they were heterosexual - the scenes, that is). 3 1/2 stars - 1 1/2 stars taken away for the gross, uncomfortable sex it made me watch. Sorry. It was really somewhat traumatizing and now when I think of the movie, the 1st thing to come to mind is ... freckles. =P Annette Bening might win for Best Supporting Actress if that's what she's up for - it's one of those movies that everyone contributes so equally to that it's hard to pick - maybe best screenplay? Except for ...

- my pick for best screenplay simply because it is by far the most creative storyline I've seen in a while AND they pull it off well. For what seems like could be a very confusing topic - entering people's dreams - dreams within dreams within dreams, etc., it really isn't and you spend only maybe the first 5 minutes of the movie thinking "huh?" ... The end sort of leaves you to wonder ... but it's still not a "what the heck is going on??" type of feeling, which I appreciated. :) 5 stars.

The Social Network - Best Actor? Maybe? Jesse Eisenberg puts on a great performance. I didn't really get what all the hullabaloo was about for this movie til I saw it and realized - okay, Marc Zuckerberg is a genius and therefore, a weirdo. He definitely fits the typical description of most prodigies/geniuses ... sort of along the lines of Amadeus but maybe not so extreme. Go into it expecting a weirdo and you probably won't think he's that bad. Expect a normal person and you'll be surprised. :) Overall a very good movie and I'm glad I watched it. 5 stars.

Toy Story 3 - Kind of a surprise that an animated movie is nominated for Best Picture but it so deserves it!!!! I'm not kidding people. I'm not a huge animation fan, but go see this movie!! Especially if you've seen the 1st one. I've seen the 2nd one also, but honestly don't remember it. This one had me in tears a few times - though I was able to hold them back enough that I don't think anyone noticed. Because of this movie, I want to go out and buy the whole trilogy. Before this one, I really didn't care. Of course, now that I've built it up so much, you may be disappointed. Sorry. 5 stars.

Black Swan, 127 Hours, True Grit - haven't seen so I can't comment except that I heard Natalie Portman trained in ballet for a whole year before she began shooting for the movie.

Hoping to maybe rent Winter's Bone this weekend? And planning to see The King's Speech (most people's pick for best pic) this weekend also with my sis!

And that makes 10! Crazy how many nominees there are nowadays. Out of the movies I've seen, none really stand out to me as BEST PICTURE. So hopefully King's Speech will. I doubt Winter's Bone will win just because it seems like a small picture and usually those don't win even if they deserve it ... sad.

And now ... I need to make dinner. Enough procrastinating. :(

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