Saturday, February 12, 2011

a few minor changes

Just made a few little changes - updated my reading list & added a movies-watched list. I don't know if I'll get to ALL of these books within the year, but I'd like to read at least 12 or so of them.

Busy day ahead ... 6 long months after the dreaded flood of 2010 and our house is finally almost clean! Finished cleaning my craft bin this morning. Just have the girls' craft bin and a tabletop's worth of junk to go through and put away. Then our 1st floor will be basically back to normal! Andrew took down our old entertainment center last night and moved the tv from our bedroom to the basement ... Hoping a couple from freecycle will come today and take our electric dryer left here by the previous owners. Feels so good to purge!! That's one definite huge plus that came out of the flood - we've been able to put things back in a much less cluttered fashion and got rid of a LOT of junk that was laying around, esp in the basement. Sometimes God works in mysterious ways. ;)

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