Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Fighter

Went out tonight for an early v-day night out to see The Fighter. Great movie! Definitely recommend it. I don't know who he's up against, but I hope Christian Bale wins the Oscar for best supporting - he was really good. Very different role for him and he pulled it off. I would even go so far as to say he pretty much made the movie. Everyone does a good job - don't get me wrong - but without Christian Bale, I don't know if it's necessarily Oscar-worthy. Amy Adams also plays a very different role than her usual and does a good job as well. I wasn't sure if she'd be believable as a Boston tough-girl, but she was. Mark Wahlberg put on another good performance as the quiet tough guy and the rest of his family (in the movie) is quite annoying, which probably means they did a good job also. ;) I'm not gonna lie, I spent a good portion of the movie cringing, jumping, gasping, grabbing my face or assuming some other stressed-out position ... but that's also a testament to the emotional connection I felt with the characters since I'd normally be falling asleep trying to watch a boxing match. I don't know how boxer relatives do it ... honestly.

After the movie, we hopped across the street to Via Gelato to use one of our Groupons. Had the nutella crepe and giotto gelato (some kind of nutty-coconut flavor). Both were quite delicious! Came home to 2 sleeping girls and 1 crying baby ... who stopped as soon as I held her. Then she was all smiles and flapping arms. Aww ... sometimes it's nice to feel so needed, even if it's just because she's hungry. ;) Thankfully she hadn't been crying for very long.

And now it's bedtime! Well, way past my bedtime really. Nite all! Happy Valentine's Day!!

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