Thursday, January 6, 2011

Too Busy Not to Pray

This book has been sitting on my shelf of books-to-read ever since college … So this year, I finally decided it was time to do it! Hence, it’s an oldie … but a goodie. :) After reading this book off and on for a few months, I am happy to say that I finally finished it. This had little to do with the actual book and more with my motivation and general slowness when it comes to reading non-fiction. Ever since becoming a mom, I’m pretty hard-pressed for “me-time,” which makes it even harder to spend that time doing something that’s not necessarily fun, if that makes any sense.

Ironically, much of the book was about taking time to slow down, not be in such a rush, scale down the to-do list, pray/meditate/journal more … all things that if I had done, I’m sure I would have finished the book a lot sooner.

Anyway, overall, it was a much-needed read in my spiritual life. It was simple and easy to follow, yet cutting to the heart and convicting in many ways. He also provides some good ideas for trying to not only slow down, but make each day more purposeful and meaningful. For example, taking time each morning to journal 1 page about the previous day – forcing yourself to reflect on what happened, what you could have done differently, what was good, etc.

Hybels talks about how so many people nowadays rush through life and never take the time to try to improve upon themselves through reflection, prayer and meditation. I had never considered that my lack of reflection and meditation could/would impact my growth, even though now as I’m typing it out it seems so completely OBVIOUS. I guess that’s one way journaling can help us, eh? :)

While I did try journaling every day for a few days, I eventually forgot … and now haven’t done it for a month or more. During the short time I did do it, it was nice – but maybe not completely practical for a mom of 3? Or maybe I just need a journal with smaller pages. :) I was using a regular spiral notebook and it was taking me quite a while … especially with the 1 page prayer he suggests writing at the back of the notebook. Two pages of writing every morning was, for me, too much, especially with my CBS bible study waiting to be finished and other things I wanted to read and do with my personal time.

Something I have taken away from this book is simply slowing down. Cutting down my to-do list to be more practical and most of all, flexible, each day, trusting that God will provide the time and energy to get necessary things done when the time is right. And then, not just treasuring time I get to spend with my children, but scheduling time to spend with them each day. I think these are things God has been telling and teaching me in many ways this past year – this book just being one of those.

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