Friday, October 22, 2010

a book a night is quite a delight!

Hello and welcome to my new blog! :) After my feigned attempts at my previous blog, I have decided to start a new one. I realized that while I WISH I cared more about the other one, the fact was that I didn't - at least not enough to write about on a regular basis. Books, on the other hand ... I don't know, is there a character limit on blog entries? I guess I'll find out. :)

Tonight, as I'm coming to the end of another GOOD book (in my growing list of many), I realized that I wish I had somewhere to share about all of these books I've been reading. Facebook sadly got rid of the book app that I loved. Hence, the blog. Why bookanight? #1, bookaday was taken and #2, I will most likely be writing in this at night anyway. And ... the nerd part of me wants to see how many words I can rhyme with "night" at the title of each post. I guess the nerd part of me is starting this blog in the first place. =P And YES, I realize that maybe there's more than just a PART of me that's a nerd. I am reminded of this on an almost-daily basis by my [usually] book-hating husband. Thankfully I have grown to accept my nerdity ... and now, actually love it. :)

Anyway, since I obviously cannot usually read a WHOLE book in one night to post about it, I also intend on sharing about cookbooks, children's books, readings ... basically anything I read that I like/don't and want to share about. This is also something I've been wanting to do. So hopefully I'll have/make the time for this. This time, I'm actually really excited to get started ... maybe also because I'm simultaneously excited to finish the book I'm currently reading. Yay!


  1. Welcome Lauren. Looking forward to your reviews!

    I was in your position about a month ago when I started with my own reviews. Keep with it and it will grow with you. I'll be following you.

    Read Aloud ... Dad


  2. Thanks ReadAloudDad! Haha I'm happy someone actually read this! And I just went to your blog and I LOVE it. I'll be following you too. :)

  3. hey Lauren,

    Although you rold blog was OK, too. What happens to old blogs when they die :(???

    Will this blog only be about books? or other things happning in your life,too :)???

  4. Thanks Holly! Yeah, I just lost any desire to post in my old blog. I may still post there off-and-on. We'll see. Old blogs just stay there. I found this out trying to find a name for this blog - so many were taken! And when I went to them, most hadn't been posted in since 2006 or earlier. =P I felt like writing to them asking if I could use their blog just for the url since they obviously weren't using it anymore. =P

    I'm going to stick to books for a while and see how things go. I'm hoping that I can incorporate things happening in my life into what I write as well.

  5. I am very excited to read about your reviews. And I have another one for us to read if you're interested! Can't wait.


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