Monday, December 27, 2010

Easy Amazon $$$, Pt. 1

Right now, Viewpoints is running another (I've done this twice in the past 3-4 months) deal where if you write 10 reviews for them (at least 900 characters), they'll email you a $10 Amazon gift certificate. Since I've already done this twice, I can vouch for them and say - they really do send it! It's only for the course of this week - ends when 2011 begins - and your reviews have to be in certain categories - Home & Garden, Family & Pets, Health & Beauty, Kitchen (excluding grocery), and Computers & Electronics. So far I've written 20 reviews for them (and gotten $20 Amazon) and have not had a time when there was something I wanted to review that didn't fit in one of those categories. It's basically just no food and no restaurants/venues/stores, things like that. But all of your kitchen appliances, toys, baby gear, electronics (obviously), makeup products, household items ... they all qualify! And 900 characters is really easy to achieve. < From the beginning to that arrow is 953 characters. You just need to create an account - make sure you're logged in and review away! One little tip: if you're searching for an item to review using the search bar at the top, make sure you select "Reviews" to the right of the search bar or it will bring up a whole bunch of websites with the item you searched, like Google.

It takes about 10 days from when the promotion ends for them to email you your Amazon gift certificate code. Then, you log into your Amazon account and click on "add gift certificate" and you can copy and paste the code and it will add the credit to your account to be used whenever - no expiration!

Happy reviewing! I'll post another easy way to make Amazon $$ tomorrow/at a later time. For this past Christmas, we had $50 in Amazon money that we used for a couple of Christmas gifts - and I only just found out about these things in Octoberish. I'm hoping to have more by next Christmas. :)

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