Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Easy Amazon $$$, Pt. 2

M&L are off to MI with my parents til tomorrow, C is napping and I have a little time to myself! Woohoo ... So, on to another way I make easy Amazon $$$.

If you click the banner on the right, you can create an account with Swagbucks and with the point system, can work your way up to "buying" a $5 Amazon gift card (the best deal I found among their rewards that I can actually use). There are other rewards available, including other gift cards, but all to places I never/hardly ever buy from. Anyway, the way it works is you search for things and they reward you (randomly) with a random amount of swagbucks, usually ranging from 7-12 swagbucks. Note: not every search you do will earn you swagbucks. It is somewhat random - I've never gotten them more than once in a sitting and read somewhere else that they recommend trying it once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once in the evening. But since I started this in October, I've made $20 just searching things like "facebook," "gmail," "weather," etc. - all websites I normally go to, but since I made my swagbucks home page my home page when I open Firefox, I just take the maybe extra 2 seconds to type the page I want into the search bar instead and get to the page I want from there. You can also make an extra 3 swagbucks each day by checking if they have surveys for you (1 mouse-click), going through their offers (NOSO) (about 5-6 mouse-clicks) and participating in their daily poll (2 mouse-clicks). You can also get referrals (like I'm trying to do right now haha) and make money off of their searches. I've already referred Andrew and was surprised that I make the full amount off of whatever search he does - so if he gets 8 swagbucks from searching "", so do I. It's pretty nice. Obviously, it's not a ton of money - but the way I see it, I'm not spending any more time on the computer than I normally do anyway so why not? They're basically paying me $6/month to check my email, facebook, weather and occasional real search - i.e. Christmas gifts, cold/flu symptoms, etc. They have MANY other things on their website and other ways to earn SB's that I haven't looked into yet or haven't used - I know you can buy things online and they have a Groupon-like daily deal thing ... There's also a toolbar you can download that'll earn you an extra swagbuck/day and "Swagbucks TV" where you can "watch" (you can just leave them open while you do things on other tabs) videos that sometimes reward you in the end. Personally, I'm interested in things that can earn me money, but take minimal to no time on my part and don't make me download a bunch of craziness onto my computer, which isn't all that fast to begin with. So if you're like me, click the banner to the right and be one of my referrals! ;)

Using the 2 methods I just posted about - $15 from Swagbucks and $30 from Viewpoints, I made $45 in Amazon money that we used to get my brother's Christmas gift - a Japan World Cup Soccer T paid for completely with shipping and most of the Life DVD (we paid about $6) for Andrew's dad that came with free shipping because I got a free Amazon Mom subscription that comes with Amazon Prime (free 2-day shipping on Amazon products) until March. Anyway, I don't mean to sound like such a seller - in all honesty, I HATE selling - except when I believe in something and this happens to be one of those things. :) This has turned out to be a pretty nice thing for us so I wanted to share it! As a note, I bought another $5 Amazon GC just before Christmas and am just waiting for it to be added to my account - so with that and the $10 I just made writing 10 review for Viewpoints, my grand total for the year (Oct-Dec) is $60!

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