Thursday, April 28, 2011

one of those days ...

Sometimes I think I need to start praying that I don't kick M out of the house when she turns 18. I also think I need to start praying about how I'm going to deal with her being a TEENAGER. Oy. She's obviously not a horrible kid so I probably shouldn't complain ... but (ironically), it's her complaining that is driving me up the wall!!! For ex, today (amongst other complaints), she told me that her bed is "uncomfortable and like sleeping on a rock." Because ... she's slept on a rock before? No. So I told her I could get her a big rock to sleep on tonight so that she can compare and tell me for sure.

The good news for M is that her birthday falls right before college & freshman orientation, if not during it. Since I don't think I can legally kick her out til she's 18, she's safe ... another example of God's good timing. :)

Anybody with any advice on cutting down the complaints: comments/suggestions would be very much appreciated!! For now, I'm off to find a nice big rock.


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