Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Door-to-Door Organics Deal

Go here for a great deal on organic produce delivered right to your door!

The voucher gets you one "bitty box" which (this week) contains:

1 celery
1 50/50 organicgirl spring mix spinach blend
1 cucumber
2 white sweet corn
1 broccoli
3 peaches
1 mango
2 gala apples
2 bananas

$13 seems quite a steal for this much organic produce, especially since the free delivery is saving me gas $$ to boot!

I'm not buying this week as I just got a huge thing of spring mix from Costco and need to use that up before I get MORE ... but I'm looking forward to trying this out! I saw it a while ago on another blog, but the deal was only for Kansas ... ever since then (months ago), I've been waiting for it to come to Chicago.

P.S. If 3 of you buy this by clicking on my referral link (in this post), I'll get mine for free - and if you get 3 people to buy from your referral link, you'll get yours for free too!

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