Monday, May 23, 2011

Organize-athon Days 14 & 15

Days 14 & 15 of the Organize-athon kind of go hand in hand and since I'm skipping Day 14, I'm combining them into one post.

Day 14: Paperwork

Day 15: Home Office

Right now, we don't really have a "home office" since I've moved our computer upstairs for convenience and downstairs is still relatively empty from junk that we put into storage after the flood and never went through to put away. (Plus I'm really enjoying the cleanliness of our basement right now.)

We have way too much paperwork to go through, shred and file in 5 minutes ... so I'm saving that for another time. On top of this, I only got about 4 hours of sleep (total, not consecutive) last night, so I'm really not feeling up to anything taxing.

For purposes of saving my energy but still wanting to stay on task, I'm calling our "home office" our computer desk, which is certainly doable in 5 minutes and definitely not very energy-consuming.

While I do want a clean home, my motivation is seriously waning ... it could be partly due to my current lack of sleep ... hopefully. Also maybe partly due to the tasks themselves and the pressure to do them in 5 minutes. I like the 5-minute thing but not when it's applied to everything, no matter how huge the task.

Tomorrow is underwear, which is basically unnecessary. But the next day is kids' toys, so I may just do that for 2 days instead. For now, I need to sleep .....

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