Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Whaddya-think Wednesday

This is one of the cutest books I have ever read!

It is the true story of a family who owns a farm and brings the runt of a litter of piglets (Pink) into their home to care for him. Their Dachshund (Tink) - who has a litter of her own puppies - adopts him as her own and takes care of him.

Filled with actual photos of this little piglet and his Dachshund family, this book will make you ooh and aww at every page. While I have heard of mother animals adopting outside of their species before, what surprised me more about this story was that Pink's adopted siblings continued to want to play with him after he moved back into the barn. I also especially love the end photo - grown Pink and his adopted mother, Tink. :) Awww .... I smile just thinking about it.

Little Pink Pup has reaffirmed my desire to have a pet pig one day ... but if that's not possible, maybe a dachshund? :)


  1. this makes me want to read this book : )
    in researching pigs as pets, even the smallest varieties are not as small as you'd expect (e.g., 30 lbs for micro mini or mini juliana). i still think they'd be fun and good garbage disposals. my dad always wanted a potbellied pig as a pet.

  2. 30 lbs?? haha. wow. i like them bc they don't smell or shed and are supposed to be the smartest animals on the farm. we'll see though bc i think they're illegal to have as pets in most areas around here. =P


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