Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mommy Monday: Teething

At what age do babies normally grow teeth? I realize I have 3 children and should know this by now ...

I am asking because C is 9 months and has yet to sprout a tooth. Buuut, she has recently begun:

1. waking up in the middle of the night.
2. chewing on everything in sight, including and especially her own fingers and her pacifier (which she has never enjoyed before).
3. drooling a little (mostly just today).
4. having diarrhea that doesn't go away no matter how much banana I give her. =P
5. waking up easily/early from her naps.

Is loose poop associated with teething? I feel like I remember hearing it could be ... because of the excessive drool. She really hasn't been drooling excessively though. And she isn't especially crabby either, minus the whole not sleeping through the night and not taking very good naps anymore thing.

I try to check her gums, but it's so hard with her tongue always in the way! I'd pretty much need to get some tweezers/pliers to grip her tongue and hold it out so I could see ... and I don't need/want to know that badly. ;)

Because she seems old to have no teeth, I wonder if she's getting a bunch at once ... Time will tell, I suppose.

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