Friday, May 20, 2011

Organize-athon Days 12 & 13

Yesterday's organizing task was the car glove box. Boo. Very non-exciting. Since ours has, at best, (in terms of garbage) a couple of random pieces of paper and a couple of expired insurance cards, I put this off to a time when I'm in the car with nothing to do. I guess I could use this opportunity to organize our CAR, namely the BACK SEATS .... ugh. Fiiiinnnnneeeee ....

Today's is the pots/pans cupboard. I thought this would also be very non-exciting, but I was able to do a little. I only have 1 pots/pans cabinet, so I really couldn't get rid of anything (I hardly have much to begin with), but since I had already gone through our dishes, I was able to move some of the lesser-used pots/pans to a shelf with our dishes that was emptied, still keeping that shelf looking organized and helping our pot/pan cupboard a little in the process. Yay! I was honestly starting to get a little bored with this organize-athon as the past week or so-ish have been pretty uneventful, so I'm happy to finally feel some sort of feeling of accomplishment from this. :)

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