Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Homemade Foaming Hand Soap

A while ago, I read a post (can't find it anymore) that talked about making your own foaming hand soap by reusing the foaming-soap container, filling it with warm water and squirting a TB or two of regular hand soap in and mixing. I remember people recommending putting the water in FIRST and then the soap, so it doesn't get all foamy ... and I found this link for directions, but they don't talk about that, so I must have read it somewhere else.

Anyway, I found a foaming container of some super-stinky soap I got for Christmas one year. So I decided to use this Yuletide Pear in the middle of September to see if this would actually work. We finally used it up today, so I was eager to try ... and it worked! At least, as far as I can tell. I've squirted about 4-5 pumps. I'll update if it ends up NOT working in the middle of the bottle or something.

What I did:

Filled an 8.75 oz bottle with warm-hot water almost to the brim.
Emptied the rest of a regular hand soap container that had so little, it couldn't be squirted out into it (too lazy and excited to try this to run upstairs and get the soap refill bottle). I actually ended up putting a little water in that, swishing it around and pouring it into the other container.*
Screwed the cap on and pumped.
VOILA! Foamy soap!

Because I used so much less soap than what the directions say, I'm wondering if this will last for the whole bottle or if it will start to fizzle out after a while ... but the fact that it even works at all is great news to me!

Not only does this use a miniscule amount of soap (I'll probably only have to buy the refill bottles once a year, if that often), but it is about 10,000,000,000X easier than making my own any other way. It actually might even be easier, because I'm filling the bottle up with water, rather than squeezing that huge bottle of hand soap that always makes my hands cramp in the process. Woohooooooo ...

Anyway, just wanted to share. :)

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