Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Songs of District 12

Call me obsessed ... but I've found a slightly easier way to relive The Hunger Games without having to reread the books (though I will probably still do that eventually) and that is listening to The Hunger Games soundtrack on YouTube!  I don't know that I would normally enjoy all the songs - and some I honestly don't for this very reason - but they depict the story so incredibly well, it's almost eerie at times.  After listening to almost all of them, I still really just like Taylor Swift/Civil Wars' "Safe and Sound" and Civil Wars' "Kingdom Come" though Maroon 5 did a surprisingly pretty good job too.  I had a hard time imagining his sound fitting in with the mood of the story, but he did it!  The ones that are clearly geared towards the Careers/Cato kind of give me the chills, but if you're interested, search "hunger games soundtrack" or something similar on YouTube and you'll probably see someone who has uploaded just about every song with the lyrics and a profile pic of the character they think the song is about (like the one I at least tried to post).  That's how I was able to listen/preview almost every song and I am now a pretty big Civil Wars' fan, I have to say.  I'm hoping they get them to do The Hanging Tree in the 3rd/4th film.  They have the exact sound in these songs that I imagined as I was reading.  Happy Hunger Games!

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