Tuesday, January 4, 2011

DIY: Perpetual/Calendar Journal

I first heard about this perpetual/calendar type of journaling when someone shared about a journal they had found that one of their deceased relatives had written in where each page was designated with a date (i.e. January 4) and then divided into 4 or 5 sections, one per year. The idea is that you journal a couple of sentences each day and then can compare that same day over 5 or so years when you're all done - and of course, look back on previous years as you're completing it. Well, I really liked the idea but had no idea how to find a journal like that and didn't think (til just now) to make my own.

My favorite blog, Money Saving Mom, just shared this idea for a DIY calendar journal that she found on yet another blog. :) This is one on a very short list of project ideas I've actually done myself! (Rather than simply liking the idea and wishing I had the time/materials/money/motivation to do it.)

I happened to have a ton of index cards from who knows what, a plastic recipe holder with little dividers from when I had another idea to memorize a bunch of verses and keep them filed by category (sadly never happened), and a date stamp from when I was teaching. So I made mine a little less pretty than the one on the website, more along the lines of this one, but still not as pretty ... a lot more doable though for me since I have everything already and merely needing to make a special shopping trip for this probably means the difference between me doing this ... or not.

I'm trying to write something specific in hopes that it'll be a little more interesting later. So, unless anything very exciting happens between now and when I go to bed, today's will either be: "lost Pretty Pretty Princess to L" or "Andrew made tacos for dinner while I blogged." :)

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