Monday, February 28, 2011

The King's Speech

The Oscars are over now but I thought I'd write this anyway. Went to see The King's Speech on Saturday with my sister and it was really good! I got there a little late - darn the Old O. parking, the 2 flights of stairs going up to the theater AND showing it in the FURTHEST theater from the entrance, gah - but it was still really really good. For those living in seclusion from pop culture (I'm actually somewhat jealous of you) ... it's about King George VI (the current Queen Elizabeth's father), how he came to be king, since he was actually the 2nd-born son and his older brother did not die, but mostly about how he learned to deal with his stutter/stammer in the midst of all of this. I went in expecting a good, but maybe slightly boring - typical British, formal, regal royalty movie - but got a funny, captivating, touching story of humanity and friendship.

During the movie, I got a phone call .. which rarely happens. I didn't recognize the number so I let it go to voice mail. They just left their number in a text to "PLEASE CALL." So when I got back to my car, I did. After a somewhat awkward conversation where the person I called must have thought I somehow knew who I was talking to ... I finally figured out it was a man who's mother used to go to our church and was turning 98 ... so I was going out to buy a cake for them to pick up on behalf of their mother. In the midst of this, more awkwardness came about in the form of ...
"Are you in the youth group?"
"No, I'm actually on the board of deacons ..."
"Oh ..."
[wondering if I should say more ... but what? "I know I sound like I'm 12, but actually I'm 29, married and have 3 kids"?]

Our conversation ended shortly after. And I realized that I also have some insecurities about my voice. =P Then I thought of Moses and how God chose him to save a nation even though he wasn't a good public speaker. I love Moses. And King George VI. ;)

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  1. That's very interesting that you say that b/c I was thinking the same thing not too long ago about my own voice. Mine is pretty high, but then I realized that it naturally goes high since I'm dealing with kids all day long. I start to talk like them. But then I have to switch my tone when I speak to the parents so that they know that truly am qualified to do surgery on their children. I've never thought that about you at all though. I love the tone of your voice. Maybe you should start singing to people more when you speak to them.


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