Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Oh wherrrrre is my hairbrush?

Has anyone ever tried/heard anything about this hairbrush before?  I'm intrigued by its claim to dry hair faster because mine is so thick and takes so long to blow dry, but am also skeptical.  For $8.99, it's not a big expense - I just have a hard time throwing things like this away when they don't work and don't want it sitting around in our cabinet/drawers if it doesn't. =P  I'm planning on having a garage sale next month ... but do people buy things like this used?  I don't and I'm definitely on the cheaper end haha.  So if you have any ideas for what I could do with this if it doesn't work, that would be helpful too! :)


  1. Microfiber bristles?!? I'm skeptical too, seems like it'd pull your hair. But, if it didn't work, seems like you could dust with it ;)

  2. lol that's very true. didn't think about the pulling hair thing either ... probably won't get it. :)


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