Thursday, June 23, 2011


Oh to sleep ...

Lately C has NOT been sleeping very well. For the past week or so, her schedule has been to sleep from 11-3, wake up and stay awake til 5 or 6 and then sleep until 10 or 11.

This has been, to say the least, horrid, as I have been getting usually no more than 5 hours of sleep each night total and not consecutive. A couple hours here and there is definitely not the same as five hours straight ... and five hours/night still isn't much. But I long for it.

Add to this the fact that M is home from school all day, and you have one tired mama.

Today, C had only two 2-hour naps (as opposed to a 4-hour nap and another 1.5-2 hour one), which is more like her usual day schedule so I'm HOPING, HOPING, HOPING she sleeps at least 8 hours tonight.

C is our most laid-back baby, but by far, the worst sleeper out of the three. M&L were both sleeping 12 hours straight regularly by 6 months old at the latest. C has done it maybe a handful of times at 11 months. AISH. She may also be teething (she still has zero teeth to speak of at 11 months), but if THAT'S the case, they still have not broken through so she probably won't sleep well tonight either. While I, of course, want her to have teeth, and realize she eventually HAS to teethe ... right now, my mind and body are only thinking about one thing. I was okay at first .... but now it's getting a little rough. On both of us. A has been his usual super-helpful super-dad self. Without him, I'd honestly probably be in tears, stressed to the max and yelling at M&L all day long. For some reason I don't remember teething being so hard with either M or L. Maybe because it's different with 3 or maybe it's because C just really doesn't sleep well. Or both.

So yes. I'm babbling now.

All this to say ... I haven't been blogging much, but will hopefully get back to it once my other priorities (rest) have been taken care of. :)

We lost our power yesterday due to the strong windstorm that came through - a little rain, but mostly just wind. I thought the two trees in back of our house were going to blow away, but thankfully they didn't. More on that later though ... if I can remember haha. Okay my mind is a blurry mush and I'm going to stop now.

(hopefully) good night!

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