Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Whaddya-think Wednesday:

No Fuss Cookie Bars

A couple of months ago I went to a friend's baby shower and got a No-Fuss-Cookie-Bar jar and recipe as a favor. I tried it about a month later and they were SO good. So gooey. So delicious. And SO easy. I found the recipe online - you can either make it into a jar or just put it together on your own. If you do make them as gifts, leave the can of condensed milk in the instructions for the giftee to add themselves and layer the remaining ingredients in the jar, graham crackers on the bottom. I also noticed that they substituted half of the chocolate chips for butterscotch chips, making it extra tasty.


**I would not recommend making these for your household if you have a small family, for health reasons. It is just too hard to resist not eating half of the pan. Just reserve it for parties or other occasions when the 2-4 of you will have plenty of people to share them with. :)

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