Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Coups for Troops

I find it very interesting, and not one bit coincidental, that just one day after writing this Memorial Day post, I read this post about donating my expired coupons to military families stationed overseas. If anyone else is interested, you can click the link to the original post or go to:

Coups for Troops
, where you can mail expired coupons more locally (to NC) - there's even a drop box in Mt. Prospect!

Overseas Coupon Program, where you can actually adopt a base overseas and mail your coupons to them directly.

I am going for option A and probably just dropping them off in Mt. Prospect. I've never sent anything overseas and am a little nervous about that ... I also don't know if by adopting a base, I'm responsible for ALL of the coupons they receive? Yikes. I don't have THAT many ... So yes. Option A. So thankful for a God who provides ... I know I shouldn't be surprised by this "coincidence," but He still gets me every time!

Still looking for something I can do with the girls, but am certainly thankful for this little outlet in the meantime. :)

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