Saturday, September 24, 2011


I just added the follow me on Pinterest button to the right. Pinterest is a site I found (don't remember how) a while ago that's ended up being pretty neat. I don't post there very frequently, but (so far) have categories for quotes, books and crafts that I like. It's mostly a picture-only site with small captions. I was surprised that I HAD to put a caption for every picture I wanted to pin, but anyway. It's neat if you want to check it out. :) And connected to Facebook (like most of the internet =P) so you can easily login using your Facebook login, especially if you have it saved on your browser. One little thing I like because I get so tired of logging in to so many different things. So yes, if you're interested, you should check it out! It does, unfortunately automatically subscribe you to a bunch of people when you pick categories at the beginning and I have yet to unsubscribe myself from all of these people I don't know ... but yeah. Other than that, it searches your Facebook friends to see if any of them are already on (I only had 2 :). So, since I obviously don't know many people who know about this, I thought I'd share. I like it because it's very visual and very quick to glance at. Like a photographic Facebook, if you will. :) The only thing is that I don't think you can post your own original pics on it - at least, I have yet to figure that out ... unless you post them to a different website and then pin? Another nice thing is you can add the pin-it button to your toolbar at the top (as long as you have it visible) so when you're browsing and find something you like, you just click it and bam! It's pinned. If you're planning to redecorate, get married ... something along those lines, I could see this being a nice way to collect visuals of ideas you find on the internet. For me, it's just for fun. :) Anyway, I meant to only write a sentence or two about this and I've already exceeded that by far ... so yeah. The end. :)

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