Sunday, October 23, 2011

Quest to a Clean House

Since C turned 1 this summer, it was our first year celebrating two birthdays in our home so close to one another. At first, I really liked it (still kinda do) because it forced me to do a good cleaning of our house every month for a little while. Then school started and everything collapsed ... including, and mostly, my motivation. And I wondered if I was just burned out.

Today, after C was up most of the night and A took the other two to church so that I could sleep in :), my motivation was finally renewed. I cleared one whole table of junk that had been collecting since M's birthday in August. I'm still glancing at that table every now and then to get that nice settled, relaxed feeling in my heart.

This gave me an idea though. Maybe if I blog about it, I'll be able to keep myself accountable and keep my motivation up even when the task gets overwhelming. Mayyybee??? I tend to go through a cycle of super-motivated to crashing and barely forcing myself to sweep the floors ... and it would be nice to find some sort of balance with that. And make some serious progress into true organization (instead of just stuffing things into basement rooms/closets to be dealt with later).

So here we go.

I have this dream of a perfectly organized magazine-esque home where there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. Not necessarily in the sterile, lacking personality sense (I still enjoy having their artwork everywhere, etc.), but moreso in the uncluttered sense. Which means PURGING. Thankfully, a Goodwill store just opened nearby and there's always Freecycle. And the freebie table at church. Ooh, and this new resale shop by M's dance class that donates part of their proceeds to Breakthrough! But I digress. :) My goal is Christmas. Just in time to fill our house up again and start all over. =P

Right now, my main goal is to try to come up with a system for school papers and even mail ... as much paper as I can get organized would be great. Especially now that L is in school, it can get very overwhelming very quickly. I'm thinking of turning one of our cabinet/hutch things into some sort of paper center - where they can put papers for school, take them out when they need them, etc. I just have to clear it out first. And get some sort of paper trays to put in there.

Does anyone else have ideas for organizing schoolwork, flyers, mail, etc? I have a bulletin board that I also use to tack school calendars, reminders and other memos, but it gets filled pretty quickly. And we can't fit a bigger bulletin board in that space. There are just so many things - school events, park dist. events, market day, book orders, homework that's not due til next week, tuition bills for extracurricular activities ... and it's only going to get worse. So any ideas would be very much appreciated! I'm planning to do a little online research and see if I find anything as well.

Here's to a cleaner house by 2012!

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