Monday, November 28, 2011

the best of cyber monday


I haven't been too excited by Black Friday or Cyber Monday this year, but so far some of the best deals I've found (not necessarily going to use, but maybe you will :) are ...

$10 for $20 at Overstock and I heard Overstock is offering free shipping until December 24th so this could turn into a pretty good deal.

I have no idea what these jeans are like, but Target is offering 2 pairs of womens' jeans for $16 shipped. You can always return for free at your local Target so it might be worth trying out.

EDIT: I realized later that I actually already own these jeans and wear them all the time (including as I was typing this post)! Haha. I have 2 favorite jeans and these are one of them. So I bought two more pairs. That way I can either wash my jeans more or just have a back-up pair when one inevitably gets worn out. For $8, I just couldn't pass it up. :D

You can also get 30% off at Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic and Athleta (? - is this new?) with the promo code HUGECYBER. Free shipping for orders $50+, which is the same. Not very exciting, honestly. I feel like they have coupons like this fairly often.

And finally, if you're shopping for a little one, the Disney Store has PJs on sale for $8 with free shipping on any order with promo code CYBER. The price isn't anything to do a dance about, but free shipping is pretty nice. Sort of. :)

I think the Overstock one is the only one I MIGHT buy. But I have to make sure there's something I actually want to get there first. I know they have some of everything but I've actually never shopped there before. Anyone else find some good deals?

EDIT: Almost forgot about Ann Taylor Loft! 50% off everything with free shipping! Their clothes can run on the more expensive end, but 50% off a sale price would be great with the free shipping! :)

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