Saturday, November 12, 2011

Quest to Clean, cont.

I know it's been a couple of weeks since my last Quest to Clean post ... but I have good reason(s).

First, this project turned out to be much bigger than I expected. Then, L&C got sick mid-week and I had to put my cleaning energy/time into cleaning other more immediate needs. =P Trust me, I would have much rather been cleaning this.

But anyway, as I was looking for good ideas for craft organization, I found an article from someone who had turned an armoire into a craft closet. I debated buying one on Craigslist, but thankfully figured out how to do something similar on my own. It took a little - okay, a lot of - reorganizing (with the help of a dolly to switch out a couple pieces of furniture), but I am very happy with the finished result! And proud that I did this all on my own! :) I will be even more happy when M&L put it to use and are hopefully able to clean up and take care of their things more easily on their own. Here are some before/after pics. It wasn't on purpose, but it kind of makes me laugh that my before pics are all dark and the after ones are nice and bright to help with the effect. ;)

the "homework/craft table"

the craft bin that C kept opening and dumping out. =P

and, drum roll, please ......

a clean table!! with a bin to hold their folders and things they're currently working on.

new craft shelves! (w/games) C still opens the cabinets and dumps out the contents of every game, but this is very easily fixable with some baby-proofing door locks. i'm also thinking of getting rid of the top bin (filled w/smocks & tablecloths) by getting some little hooks to hang things on the wall space to the left of the cabinet. i also thought of making one of those fake "picture frames" by having A nail some crown molding/framish-looking wood (whatever it's called) in a frame shape to display their artwork on the wall. but we'll see. that may be a little too ambitious/permanent.

Next week's goal is M&L's bedroom. Or maybe just their stuffed animals. Their entire room might be too much. :)

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