Saturday, March 3, 2012

Here Comes Suzy Snowflake ...

This was almost a month ago now, but here are some pics from a fun (but chilly) activity I did with L & C when M was at school one day.  We came home from picking L up from preschool and had a little time before lunch for a quick outdoor activity in the falling snow!

The idea was putting colored construction paper out to catch snowflakes.  Their interest in this lasted approximately five seconds.

Then they were on to collecting snowflakes for snow soup, complete with dirt, leaves, dead grass and sticks ... (Yum!)

... and seeing what happens when you draw with chalk on wet sidewalk.  (Nothing too exciting other than messy gloves haha, but L seemed excited.)

 I actually got the construction paper idea from M a year or two ago, so I wasn't too surprised that a 3 yr old and 18 month old weren't too interested.  But I was glad that they had a little fun outside even though it was cold.  I've been trying to spend more time outside, not letting the bad weather get in the way - I've been semi-successful.  The hardest part is definitely getting myself motivated enough to go out ... I wish I had the circulation of my childhood!  Or maybe just the excitement and wonder of playing outside so I could more easily ignore my freezing fingers and toes ... I could say we would have stayed out longer if C had been willing to leave her mittens on, but the truth is I was happy to have a scapegoat. :)

Today, we've been having fun celebrating Hina Matsuri (Girls' Day in Japan)!  A's mom got us the dolls when M was born so we usually put them out every year.  But this year, it's a Saturday and A had to work, so we've had a fun-filled girly day together.  Pictures and more to come (hopefully) soon.

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