Saturday, May 7, 2011

30-Day Organize-athon

Someone once told me - "Organization makes life vacation." Truer words were never spoken. I feel like I've been living on the brink of that for a while now.

So want to join me in getting organized? Right now there is a free downloadable guide to organizing your home in 30 days. It says in only 5 minutes/day, but I'm somewhat skeptical, I have to admit. Anyway, go here and like their Facebook page, and the rest of the instructions will be there for you to follow and download this workbook for free.

I just did it and am thinking about starting on Monday. The workbook gives you one 5-minute task per day, which seems completely doable. Like I said, I'm skeptical ... but hopeful, nonetheless! Our house isn't a huge mess, but could certainly use some tidying up - and mostly, emptying of useless stuff we have in storage. I don't know if this tackles that or just everyday clutter lying around the house. That's partly why I'm a little skeptical. We shall see ... Here's to a (hopefully) super-clean home in 30 days!

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