Monday, May 9, 2011

Mommy Monday: Baby Registries

Today, I wanted to take a little time and encourage anyone registering and/or planning on it anytime in the future, to register for the "good stuff" if you plan on having 3+ kids. In fact, if you are even open to the idea of having more than 2, I recommend registering for the upper-notch items when it comes to things like car seats, strollers, and high chairs.

We registered for mid- to upper-mid-grade gear, and now that we're on our third, it's definitely showing some wear. Some is so worn, I'm considering buying replacements, even knowing this may be our last to use them. Others are decent enough, but would definitely not last through another child.

This is mostly on my mind because I just got back from the library, where the front of our stroller - the one we registered for with M - decided to no longer close. I'm keeping my hopes up that A will be able to fix it ... but it's annoying nonetheless and I wish we had registered for a better brand.

The one we have is Combi - I think it was around $80 - so it wasn't cheap, esp for an everyday umbrella-type stroller ... but after 2 kids, it's definitely showing some wear. There are things I still love about it - it opens and closes easily, is light to carry, still pushes easily and is easy to steer ... but the fact that the front bar, won't stay closed is like, hugely annoying. The plastic see-through window at the top of the canopy also has a hole - made worse by little fingers pushing through, enjoying the newfound wonder.

I've read about moms who buy the good stuff (Chicco, Peg Perego, etc.) because they plan on having TWELVE and see it as a good investment. That is clearly NOT the case for me, but from my experience have found that even 3 would be too much for the mid-grade ... and in some cases, 4.

If you're planning on having 2 and have NO desire for more whatsoever, the mid-grade gear should be totally fine for you. I had no complaints when L was a baby - everything still worked well and was in good shape. The nice thing about registering for less expensive gear is that there is more potential for more of your registry to be covered since people won't be spending as much for 1 item. BUT, if you're planning on having 3+, or even consider it a possibility ... it's definitely worth the investment to get the better brands as I am finding myself now debating buying something NEW when we may very well be done. =P

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