Monday, May 9, 2011

Organize-athon Day 1

Day 1 of the Organize-athon is to get a large trash bag, go through your "living space" (I take this to mean our 1st floor) and spend 5 minutes dumping a LOT into it. Basically, the only things NOT on the list are current month/day magazine/newspaper, books you are CURRENTLY reading, things that hold significant sentimental value or that you REALLY love or things you actually do use. Everything else - framed photos (unless you really love the photo - which I don't know why you'd have it displayed if you didn't ... but anyway), DVDs/CDs no one watches/listens to, other displayed items that collect dust and hold no real meaning for you, knick-knacks, remotes/technology no one uses ... basically anything that isn't loved or used regularly. All gets thrown in a trash bag and immediately taken to the curb or put by the front door.

Okay. This does bother me. I have a problem with TRASHING things that someone else could potentially use. While I may not want them in my house, I don't really want them just thrown in some dumpster polluting our earth either.

So, to remedy this I'm doing my own version of Organize-athon Day 1. I read a couple of weeks ago on another blog (MoneySavingMom), how she keeps a box under her stairs labeled "Garage Sale" and dumps things into it until it's full ... puts it away, gets a new box, etc. THEN, she has an annual garage sale with everything she's collected. So instead of trashing our things (unless it is actually trash/unusable), I'm putting our things in "garage sale" bags/boxes to be sold at a later date. Anything that isn't sold will be donated.

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